Major projects in the french diocese of Meaux

The diocese of Meaux covers the department of Seine-et-Marne, in the Ile-de-France region, the most populous region of France. Close to the capital Paris, the diocese has a history that goes back to the first centuries of Catholicism. Today, the Seine-et-Marne is the largest department in Ile-de-France, and the most visited by tourists after Paris.

The department also has one of the highest demographic growth rates in France. Its population has multiplied by 2.7 since the 1960s to reach 1.4 million inhabitants in 2020 (which is significantly higher than the neighboring departments). The department benefits from a dense and diversified economic network of 84,000 companies

Carte Église en Seine-et-Marne

« Accompanied by my brother priests, I wish to transmit to the future generations of Christians the heritage necessary to continue the mission of evangelization »

Mgr Jean-Yves Nahmias


Bishop of Meaux

Key figures

19 mission centers

551 parishes

120 active priests + 40 retired priests

49 permanent deacons and 15 seminarians

92 lay employees in charge

Over 100 adult catechumens per year

4160 baptisms per year

840 marriages per year

1044 confirmations per year

4410 funerals per year

City of Serris

The Saint-Colomban project in Val d'Europe

The project is located in Val d’Europe, an economic and tourist sector of the Seine-et-Marne. Situated in the north of the department, 30km east of Paris, Val d’Europe is a district of Marne-la-Vallée, famous for being home to Euro Disney. Today, this territory, which has experienced one of the strongest demographic and socio-economic dynamics in France in recent years, has a population of 55,000 inhabitants with 37,000 people employed, and should grow to 90,000 inhabitants by 2050. It receives nearly 40 million visitors per year, split between the Disney parks, its shopping malls and leisure and accommodation facilities.

A unique project in France : 

  • Construction of a large-scale church for up to 900 people
  • Opening of a Catholic school under contract with the French State. It will welcome 1500 students from kindergarten to high school
  • Development of a cultural center which includes an auditorium for conferences, concerts, exhibitions… It will be a reminder of the history of Saint Colomban and will be a milestone on the Via Colombani, in connection with the 4 existing cultural centers in France, Ireland and Italy.

This new city could not remain without a church. This project responds to a vital need for a Catholic presence. Along with a large school, it will become a place of transmission and evangelization.

Main steps of the Saint Colomban project

  • December 2020 & July 2021: planning permission obtained and building permit
  • October 2021: acquisition of the land from Euro Disney
  • October 2021: signing of the construction lease with the town of Serris
  • October 9th, 2022: blessing of the site by Bishop Jean-Yves Nahmias
  • November 2022: opening of the registration for the 6th and 10th grade
  • February-March 2023: call for tenders for construction companies
  • In 2023: beginning of the construction work
  • September 2023: opening of 3 classes of 6th grade and 1 classes of 10th grade (in a temporary building)

City of Chelles

The Sainte-Bathilde project

Chelles is a Merovingian « capital », associated with the ruling family of the Franks in the 6th and 7th centuries. Clovis, first King of the Franks, stayed in Chelles and his wife Clotilde founded a small church there. Bathilde, a previously enslaved woman who became queen of the Franks by marrying Clovis II, lived in the 7th century. A woman who embodied justice and freedom, she established equal taxation for all, helped large families and prohibited the slave trade. Queen Bathilde founded an abbey in Chelles where she lived out the rest of her life. She was canonized in the 11th century.

Today, Chelles is the second most populated town in Seine-et-Marne with more than 54,000 inhabitants.

The city has deep historic and Catholic roots, but this history is no longer as apparent and needs a soul in its heart and to reconnect with its origins.

The main features of the Saint Bathilde project

  • Construction of a large church-sanctuary dedicated to Saint Bathilde in the new town center square to replace an old chapel that was too small and that was deconsecrated and destroyed in 2021
  • Capacity of 800 seats to welcome the growing number of members of the parish community
  • Adjoining premises: parish rooms, a presbytery for priests and seminarians

Main stages of the Sainte-Bathilde project:

  • June 2019:
    obtaining demolition and building permits
  • June 7th, 2021:
    deconsecrating of the old chapel followed by its destruction parishes
  • October 2021:
    archaeological pre-excavation
  • February 2022:
    approval from the Ministry of Culture to start work
  • January 2023:
    tender for the works
  • 2024:
    start of the works (estimated at 2 years).


General information on the projects

The architectural priorities of the Saint Colomban and Saint Bathilde projects

  • Buildings that respect the architecture and history of the area
  • High quality and sustainable materials
  • A quality setting for teaching and faith transmission
  • Modern and functional tools and infrastructure for teachers and students
  • Buildings designed in accordance with the Laudato Si approach, as respectful as possible of the environment and people.

Today, the Diocese of Meaux is working alongside supporters like you to:

  • Ensure a strong presence for the Catholic Church in the growing cities of Seine-et-Marne, where its presence is needed.
  • Be responsible in building churches that will spread the Gospel to future generations.
  • Train the adults of tomorrow’s world to be honest citizens, based on their personality and faith, capable of committing themselves to the service of the common good.
  • Meet the needs of the population who currently do not have a suitable place to pray and gather.
  • Highlight the history of the diocese and its Catholic heritage and make it known to the greatest number of believers and non-believers.
  • Build a new school is to meet the growing needs of families, as there is no private Catholic school in the new city.

Financing needs

The projects are financed by bank loans, but additional financing is necessary to begin construction.

To help us, please contact Jean-Baptiste de Maigret

The Diocese of Meaux established a partnership with the Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund, enabling donors to claim the maximum tax benefits allowed by U.S. tax law for their contributions. Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) public charity that facilitates thoughtful giving to organizations that do not conflict with Catholic values.

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Saint Colomban (Church & Parish Center / School / Cultural Center)

Total investments:
$ 45,800 K

Remaining to be financed:
$ 9,500 K

Church-sanctuary of Saint Bathilde

Total investments:
$ 11,000 K

Remaining to be financed:
$ 1,600 K

Project stakeholders

Project stakeholders

  • Churches and parish centres: The Diocesan Association of Meaux
  • School: AIEC 77 (Real Estate Association of Catholic Education)
  • Cultural centre : Association for the promotion of Saint Colomban in Seine-et-Marne

Parish priests

  • Saint-Colomban Val d’Europe missionary centre : Father Gérard Pelletier

Missionary pole of Chelles and Father Hubert Louvet.

Institutional and financial partners

  • Public Development Establishment of Marne-La-Vallée, Val d’Europe Agglomeration Community, City of Serris, City of Chelles, Eurodisney Associated Real Estate Development, the department of Seine-et-Marne, the Ile-de-France region…
Bishop Jean-Yves Nahmias

Bishop Jean-Yves Nahmias

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Bishop Guillaume de Lisle

Bishop Guillaume de Lisle

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Sylvain Guillebaud

Sylvain Guillebaud

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Marguerite de Clerval - Parent

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